• Support U.S. Infrastructure Investments - Let's Build to Win #BeTheSolution

  • Great nations build and invest in state of the art transportation infrastructure to support the needs of its people and economy.

    Infrastructure such as highways, bridges, railways, airports, waterways and seaports are vital to transporting our citizens and getting our products to markets both in and outside of the United States. New investments are urgently needed – both public and private dollars will be vital to large scale projects so that our systems are poised to better serve the economy and our global competitiveness.

    But the U.S. is losing ground to our competitors who are constantly upgrading their infrastructure networks to increase their global position ahead of us. We cannot continue to ignore our crumbling and aging infrastructure systems and accept congestion as the new norm. Infrastructure investments and an efficient transportation system will have a direct impact on growing our business, especially for manufacturers. More aggressive economic growth and higher levels of infrastructure investment have gone hand in hand in previous decades. Now is the time to act to protect American businesses, our citizens and our position as a globe trade leader.

    So as we call for healing and moving our country forward, we are calling for a major investment in renewing our transportation systems and to go beyond by advancing other systems from water to pipelines and electricity, to broadband. Americans are demanding a stronger, more inclusive economy. And that’s why infrastructure can be part of the answer.